• In order to qualify, applicants must have a school that has already received approval for MLMP's Program to be implemented with either full school student participation or a select group of students.
  • Your school(s) must have a designated adult who will oversee and facilitate the MLMP Program. This individual will be required to meet with the students on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or bi-weekly). This will need to be determined by your school administration.
  • Every student who participates in the MLMP Program must complete a Pre & Post Assessment through their online account with MLMP. They will need to take the Pre Assessment upon beginning the program and the Post Assessment upon completion of the program.
  • Granted schools must provide records and data pertaining to participating students. If your grant application is for a select group of students, (not full school implementation), then this data (grade improvement, absences, did they receive any serious offenses or office visits, etc.), would only apply to the participating students and could be done so anonymously without students names included. This information is simply for our records and purposes of evidence based research for the charity.

When the MLMP Program is implemented, there MUST be a facilitator who is in charge of going through the program with the students. Please provide that individuals contact information below:


Please select which scope of implementation your school will be doing:


By Signing below, I verify that the information provided in this MLMP Grant is true and accurate and if awarded this Grant, I will follow through with the areas agreed to above: